I ain’t religious, but…

I came to drink the wine and partake of the bread! Actually it was to make my mommy happy by giving her an early 78th birthday present and treating her to a weekend in DC and a day at the Museum of the Bible. I have to say it was quite a cool experience. I grew up in a household where we went to church regularly and as I got older, I made my own opinions about religion and spirituality. I don’t want to expound on my view points and bore you with my philosophy, so we’ll be moving on…

MOB is located two blocks from the Capitol Building and about 3 blocks from the Washington Monument. Parking is available at two different parking garages very close by, but try to get there early as the garages aren’t very large. There are 6 floors and five are full of exhibits. You can see exhibits with artifacts dating well before A.D. and even more recent exhibits showcasing the bible’s influence on pop culture and fashion. I have a little tip for you: when you arrive, go to the third floor and get in line for the Hebrew Bible Experience. This was the only place we had to wait in line and it was worth it. We had started at the 6th floor (no exhibits here, just the restaurant and hours are from 11am – 3pm) with the aim of making our way down. Once we got to the third floor and got in line for the Experience, we were thinking in hindsight that we should have gotten this out of the way as the line was long. Also, for people needing wheelchairs, MOB has free wheelchair rentals! They’re available on the main floor.

There is no admission fee to get into MOB, but donations are appreciated. The only thing we actually had to pay for was the Washington Revelations. For $5, you can take an immersive ride above DC discovering the secret-but-in-plain-sight biblical connotations. Fair warning, even a rollercoaster lover like me felt a bit dizzy after walking out of the theater. Tickets can be purchased at the entrance to this ride, which is located on the 2nd floor. My brother, who was guilted into coming along by our mom, even had a good time!

In closing, my mommy loved this place. She admitted it was an item on her bucket list. We also have high marks for the tuna salad wrap and chicken sandwich wrap we had from the coffee kiosks located on levels 6, 2, and 1. Yummy and delicious! It was like manna falling from heaven…

Let me know if you’ve been here and your opinion about the museum. Did you love it, hate it, meh it?

Much love and aloha,

your blessed clueless wanderer


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