So you’ve started blogging…should you have a Facebook fan page, too?

Should I or shouldn’t I?  This was the question that perplexed me when deciding whether or not to start a Facebook fan page.  I have a blog…that should suffice, right?

After doing some intra-webs research, I finally decided that having a fan page seemed like a lot of fun.  Not only could I publish “off the cuff” content, but I could also give some love to my fellow bloggers out there.  There is great content everywhere we look and great entities I would like to support.  Would I necessarily right a blog about all these topics?  Nope, that’s not my style and it would be a boring brainchild.  Hell, it would become work!  Entrevous:  The Clueless Wanderer Blog FB Fan page!!!

I think you should check it out.  Leave me messages, post content, review my page.  Let me know what you think!  In the meantime, here’s a little video I did for my fan page:



Now for those of you new to blogging, why wouldn’t you have a Facebook page?  To not have one would be like buying that brand new car, but never having it leave the garage.  Whether your goal is to monetize your site or just have it for friends or family, having a fan page is a useful tool.

  1.  Marketing – people are busy these days and may not have time to go through multiple blogs to find what “wows” them.  Having a fan page is a great way for people to discover your site.  Once they LIKE your page, your updates will pop up on their feed creating a network for others to discover you through.
  2. Connecting – Facebook is a great way for people to randomly drop comments.  You may come across people you normally wouldn’t had you not had a fan page.  Also, you can see what other people are about and that may spark a new topic for one of your blogs.  Plus, people could get to know you on a more personal level depending on what you post.
  3. Promotion – refer back to having a new car and it never leaving the garage.  You have it, so why not flaunt it?
  4. Quid Pro Quo – if you don’t have a fan page, you can’t participate in blog groups where they have fan page exchanges.  You like their page, why not give them your page to like as well?  Facebook has a plethora of blog groups where you can bounce ideas off each other, gain mentorship and help support the blogging community.
  5. Product Distribution – say you have blog swag that you’re having a hard time moving on your blog.  To have a fan page would be another outlet that you could sell your bumper stickers, postcards, etc.  A fan page is a much easier way to highlight your products.

Hope all this helps!  What are your reasons for having a fan page?  Leave your fan page in the comments for all to see and visit and don’t forget to give me some love!


Much love and Aloha,

your fan page havin’ clueless wanderer

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