Ask Natalie! Why? Well, why not?

Adventure Some Women now has a website!  We also have a cheeky columnist on board with her own brand of advice! Do you have questions about the outdoors, lady problems, relationship woes, adventure seeking or anything that ends in a question mark?  Then ASK NATALIE!

Never heard of Adventure Some Women?  Well, I’m here to tell you that we’re a network of adventuring women for adventurous women.  Join us!


Natalie was born and raised in the urban rust belts of Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland, OH, in a not-particularly-outdoorsy family. She discovered the outdoors in her early 30s and now seeks out new ways to adventure.

Natalie earned her master’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work. She works as a licensed supervisory clinical social worker specializing in the treatment of co-occurring substance use, general mental health, and trauma-related disorders.

While her professional practice is where Natalie spends most of her time helping people with their problems, she was an online advice columnist in the past. In the early 2000s, she was the go-to answer girl on a now-defunct website called New Girl Order. Her column there led her to research a diversity of topics, from May-December romances to why on Earth plucking our eyebrows makes us sneeze.


Much love and Aloha,

your always seeking advice clueless wanderer


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