Meet Adventure Some Women AmSASSador – Rita Cavalli!

What is Adventure Some Women?  It’s a network of adventurous women for adventuring women!  Initiated back in June 2016, the community is now over 900 members strong and growing.  Rad ladies are signing up regularly in the effort to meet a new adventure partner, meet other mommies and their daredevil offspring, and discover or rediscover outdoor/indoor recreation in a more comfortable atmosphere.

Thanks to the efforts of the community and the interest out there, we’re now able to have an Ambassador stewardship!  This enables us to have more local events, give out free swag within your community, and just share the love in your town through meet and greets.

I would like to highlight Rita Cavalli, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania resident who has been an ambassador since the inception.  ASW wouldn’t be ASW without Rita, who calls the outdoors her home without walls.  She loves anything that gets her outside, with her main lady crushes being hiking and biking.  


Women have inquired about becoming an ASW Ambassador and with any stewardship, volunteer time is a requirement and accepting this role comes with big responsibilities. This may not be the right group or right time in someone’s life to accept this important position. However, lucky for us, Rita jumped right in and the community is so  much richer for her being here.  When asked why she chose to accept the position, she replied:  

I chose to become an ASW Ambassador so I could connect with others to share my passion for the outdoors and to hear their stories and share in their experiences. There have been a couple of times recently where I convinced some non-outdoorsy friends to come on a short hike with me and they ended up loving it. It meant so much to me that they had an open mind and agreed to join…and now I have a few more hiking partners.

In the future, I would like to see the ASW community join together to pick a universal day to do a day of service out in our communities. Picking up trash, doing some trail work, volunteering with a local organization – any little bit that helps to make our world a better place. Then we could all share what we did, who we worked with, and what we learned.


Interested in becoming an ASW Ambassador? Want to be the catalyst for other women in your community to be as rad as they can be?  Click here to be directed to our Facebook page to see if you would like to be part of the community.  Then email me at to receive an email outlining the details.  Adventure on!!!


Much love and Aloha,

your ASW forever! clueless wanderer


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