Here’s to you…Mrs. Robison

Robin Robison is the beauty and brains behind White Mountain Woman.  Her adulting job is as a debt slayer living coach.  She’s  also a multi-tasking whiz as a mother of four, grandmother, fisherwoman, photographer, lama caretaker and outdoor enthusiast.  She resides in Wyoming, but didn’t necessarily embrace the southwest corner of the state because, according to Robin, the wind blows a lot and it seems fairly desolate if you just travel the highways.  She spent the first 25 years living here just waiting to move back to a more beautiful part of the state.  However due to the plethora of natural resources in southwest Wyoming, which lead to good jobs, she found herself stuck.  Not to be immobilized by boredom, Robin decided to make a change:  I took a photography class and realized there were so many beautiful things to see and experience if you got off the beaten path.  I got involved with other outdoor bloggers who have opened my eyes to what a great place this is.  And I’ve made some good friends here.  I am now embracing my little corner of Wyoming as home, learning to “bloom where I’m planted”.   So right now, where I am is where I want to be.

I think we have a lot to learn from Mrs. Robison…

How could you describe yourself in 5 words? Funny, frugal, caring, clumsy, and loving.

Tell me more about your role as matriarch.  I have several jobs, and I love all of them, mostly because I am at a point in my life where I am choosing what I spend my time doing.  I love blogging, because I feel I have a lot to share.  And it gives me the opportunity to go out and adventure and have fun and call it working.  I coach people to be debt free, and if I inspire even one person to pay off their mortgage I feel like I’m paying my own off again.  I own a small herd of alpacas, and I love the animals.  I am an accountant, and I love putting the puzzle of someone’s tax return together.


I am a mom, and raising 4 kids is the job that has brought me more satisfaction than anything else I have done in my life.  I am also a grandmother, with a kind of unique situation because they lived with us until my grandson was three while his mom finished high school and her first two years of college.  Being a full time stay-at-home grandma was the job that I didn’t anticipate being thrown into, and I am now so thankful that I got the opportunity to know that child as I know my own.

What do you love to do?  I love to fish, and yes, I do it as often as possible.  After spending a lot of years doing for my kids and grandson, I’ve decided it was time to spend time doing more for myself.  Although I’m not done raising kids yet…and that is another thing I love to do.  I actually love doing just about anything outdoors, running, camping, paddle boarding, mountain biking.

If you left your current life in order to pursue your dreams, what would you lose?  I’m at that point, I am pursuing my dreams.  To be able to camp, and fish, and hike, and photograph, and write on my own schedule.  It’s been so liberating!  The only thing I have lost are constraints and ridiculous expectations and guilt.

What can you do today that you could not do a year ago?  I can walk up to a total stranger and hand them a business card.  This isn’t much to some people, but I am quite shy and introverted.  I am an accountant by trade and I’m a lot more outgoing from behind my computer.  Face to face interactions are something that I worked to get better at during college.  But with the start of my blog I’m now learning to sell myself, and trying to build the confidence to do that.  I’m finding that it’s a lot easier to promote something I feel passionately about.

What would you regret not doing?  Not doing more for myself.  My husband worked a job where he was gone a lot so I worked part time from home so that I could take care of whatever our family needed.  I wouldn’t change that for anything, even though I’m the worst helicopter mom ever.  But I felt like I needed to sacrifice everything for my family.   It wasn’t until I kind of crashed after doing this for 25 years that I realized that my kids would grow up and move on and there wouldn’t be anything of myself left.  That’s when I learned that doing some of the things that I enjoy was really what my kids needed to see, not the martyr who has no life beyond her children.  Instead of giving myself up for their activities, I should have been incorporating them into mine, which is what I do with my grandson.  So I would regret not taking that step to jump back into my own life.

When was the last time you traveled somewhere new?  I have traveled to a lot of places that are far from home, but my new project is exploring my own backyard.  I recently started fishing the Utah side of the Green River, which winds down a beautiful canyon below Flaming Gorge Reservoir.  I have lived an hour away from there for 27 years and hadn’t been there.  The fishing is good, the scenery and wildlife are beautiful, and it’s an easy day trip.


Have you done anything lately worth remembering?  I spent a weekend at an outdoor bloggers conference in Jackson, Wyoming.  This was big for me; although Jackson was home for me for several years, I didn’t know a soul at the conference.  This type of thing is way out of my comfort zone.  I often try new things with my husband or kids, but never on my own.  I met new people who became friends, and learned so much.  In fact, for the first time in my life I felt like I had found my people.  It was memorable to me because I didn’t let fear keep me from a life changing experience.

What does success mean to you?  Most days, success means that all my children and my grandson have survived another day!  In the long run though, I suppose success means a lot more than that.  I now measure success on an emotional level.  I have been married 30 years this year, and we are still best friends.  That feels successful.  I’m far from perfect, so when all is said and done I hope that my children will know that I have always loved them.  That would be my other measure of success.  Beyond that, making the time in a busy life to have fun each day seems like a win.

What are you doing to pursue your dreams right now?  I recently started my blog to reach out to others and try to help encourage them to do the things they love.  And setting some firm boundaries on my time so that the things I dream of aren’t put on the back burner anymore.  Trying to go out and have fun every day so that I can share my adventures and experiences with others.

What are you most scared of?  Losing a child.  We’ve already lost a grandchild, so this is probably at the top of my list of fears.  I’m also terrified of heights.

What are you most proud of?  My children.  And my quest to become more accepting and less judgmental, which is a project that requires diligence and daily practice.

What bad habits do you want to break?  Self doubt.  Letting my car get low on fuel.  Not drinking enough water.  Buying too many bras at Victoria’s Secret.   (ooh la la!)

If you were someone’s life coach, what would you tell them?  Take care of yourself so that you can better care for others.  It’s okay for moms to have dreams too.  And let go of other’s expectations.


Fun and furious questions:

  1. If you could do it all over again, would you change anything? I wouldn’t be such a rule follower, I would color outside the lines more.
  2. How old would you be, if you didn’t know how old you are?  Young enough to physically do what I want and old enough to know better.
  3. What activity makes you lose track of time? Reading in the bathtub.
  4. Best cheat indulgence?  Starbucks.
  5. If you could only speak one word today, what would it be?  Forgiveness.


Robin had left me a note stating that she was new to this blogging journey and added she was quite a bit older than the genre of outdoor bloggers one may come across.  Her fresh perspective, her honesty within her blogs, and her zest for life makes her a blogger to follow.  I am a follower of White Mountain Woman and I feel the shortcomings that she may believe she has are the positive qualities that set her apart from others.

Be a White Mountain Woman follower, like me, by checking out her links below:

White Mountain Woman website




Much love and Aloha,

your I know that isn’t actually the name of the S&G song clueless wanderer


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