Explore More! There are No Excuses!!!

I’m busy.  I’m busy being a worker bee, a social butterfly, a wifey, an irresponsible adult, an amateur dog rescuer and whatever other label you can come up with.  Well, not whatever label because there are some of you with some twisted imaginations out there.  I have a wandering heart, but I don’t have limitless amounts of time on my side.  Therefore, what’s a gal to do?  Search for adventures locally that encompass these qualities:  short drive, super fun, minimal planning and whether or not this bitch is multi-taskable.


  •  Search for your nearest hiking trail.  Use apps such as Pocket Ranger, AllTrails, and The Outbound.  Ask yourself questions like, is it dog friendly (so you can bring Fido/Fida), and do I need to wear my special leggings that make my butt look just “so” (in case this is a well-traveled path and you’re looking for Mr./Mrs. Right).  Multi-task plus: exercising your dog and your availability (wink, wink).
  • Check out Travelocity or Kayak for hotel deals within your area to book a home-away-from-home experience.  It may seem silly to drive 10 miles down the road and pay to stay when you have a free bed at home.  However, where’s your sense of adventure?!  Leave the kids with a sitter so you and your partner can do the vertical tango and be as loud as you want!  Then order breakfast in bed via room service and ask for a late checkout.  Trust me, absence from the home makes the heart grow fonder.  Multi-task plus:  re-ignition of the flames of your burning love and being able to refer this hotel in good conscience when the in-laws come to visit.

    One of my attempts at a selfie with the husband.  Photo: TCWB

  • Do a weekend road trip with alacrity!!!  You determine your round trip mileage.  Within those miles pick 2-3 points of interest.  Make it a day trip or an overnighter.  Just keep it short and minimalist.  I suggest checking out Roadtrippers.  Multi-task plus:  gain street cred when people ask you where they should go for a weekend getaway.  Also, when you make new discoveries, you can add it to Roadtrippers to extend the site’s knowledge for other users.

    A deserted road in Utah.  Photo: TCWB


  • Go and watch a movie you would normally not watch and then have an ethnic dinner that you’ve never experienced before, or vice versa.  Discovery is an adventure unto itself.  Multi-task plus:  ding!  You have satisfied your need for self-discovery and are knowledgeable on what countries you would want to visit based on epicuriousness.


  • Do some urban hiking somewhere you’ve never been before.  Or urban hike someplace you have been before, but keep it outdoors.  Those local businesses in those boutique type strip malls or rehabitated buildings will appreciate the business. Multi-task plus:  you’re getting some shopping done and supporting the local economy.  

So, there you have it!  There are no excuses to keep you, or myself, from getting out there. Share this and support each other in living a healthy and inspiring lifestyle.


Much love and Aloha,

your no excuses clueless wanderer

4 thoughts on “Explore More! There are No Excuses!!!

  1. I love this!!!!
    No one ever thinks to be a tourist in thier own town. Couchsurfing got me into this mindset. I wanted to be a great host. I was not located in a highly traveled/sexy area but I wanted to offer some nuggets of information about my town to guests. So I started to explore my own area and I discovered tons of hidden gems that I would not have discovered in my day to day life. It was all due opening my mindset to think that maybe my town had something cool to offer. Explore your own area, you might be surprised at what you find. Gee I think I will blog about this myself. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

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