Ahhhh, Old Man Winter…I think I may have to break up with you.

I love winter like a fly loves feces!  Ask anyone and I’m about the only person in the room that claps my hands when that stepchild of seasons is brought up in conversation.  For me, winter is all about reveling in snow sliding, knowing that frozen dog poop is easier to pick up and see in the snow, and I even get a strange satisfaction shoveling my driveway into a perfect rectangle.

As I’m typing this, there is a winter storm warning in effect for the Wasatch range and the Utah Valley from 2am to 11pm.  I’m super stoked about having a great base to shred next weekend, but I’m also a bit frustrated that my hiking endeavors will now need to be carefully selected.  I’m going to Peru in June 2017 and I want to dedicate my time to conditioning myself from now until then.  However, I don’t snowshoe or know how and so feel a bit limited as to my hiking excursions.  I’ve been scouring the internet for tips on where I could go hiking where there isn’t a danger of avalanches, I can go without snowshoes, and possibly not have my 5’2″ frame buried up to my knees.


Not finding any info to lift my spirits, I got up to pee and tripped over my snowboard on the way back from the bathroom.  Well, that was a wake up call!  What exactly am I whining about here?  Time for  an attitude adjustment before I put on pants and head to the grocery store for some B&J.  (Get your mind out of the gutter, people, and read that carefully.  That’s code for Ben and Jerry’s).


I looked up REI classes in my area and …Oh, suki, suki now!… is that an avalanche awareness class with Utah Avalanche Center and SheJumps?!  I registered.  The Sandy, Utah REI store rents snowshoes and so does Jans?  Yay!  There’s nothing stopping me now!!!

Sometimes I need to consciously dig myself out of that abyss of self pity.  It can really prove difficult for personas like myself that can get tunnel vision when faced with dilemma, but having an outlet like the outdoors helps to conciliate that.  Limiting myself by reasoning of lack of equipment or nature of environment is absolutely absurd!  I just sometimes need a kick in the butt, or a tangle with a snowboard, to clear my senses and resoundingly show me the idiosyncrasies of my ways.

Old Man Winter, you silver fox, I think I’m finding you sexy again.

How do you muster the inspiration to get out during the winter?  Drop me a line!


Much love and Aloha,

your happier than a T-Rex with Extendo arms clueless wanderer


2 thoughts on “Ahhhh, Old Man Winter…I think I may have to break up with you.

  1. great post! I love winter it is the best time but my winters are very different to yours. My winter it doesn’t snow 😦 but it means it is hiking season! so I get super excited! The average temp here in sunny Perth in winter is high teens C (for you that is High 50’s to 60’s F)

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