Tres Rad: Meet Liz Galloway

Don’t envy her because she’s beautiful.  Envy her because she has the drive that only some people dream of.  Envy her because she’s got the backbone, the will, and the fortitude for some epic badassery.  It’s my honor to introduce to you: Liz Galloway.  Now bow down, peasants!


Liz Galloway is a freelance writer, designer, traveler, entrepreneur and outdoor enthusiast with an addiction to adventure.  Her background in marketing and business, along with interest to connect people and social good, has made her the founder of Latitude 38 Adventures and Miao & Co. Fashion for a Cause. You can connect with her and her projects, including the outdoor lifestyle that supports charities on Instagram by sharing your photos. When not writing, and being businessy, she can be found seeking great wine, flying helicopters and eating french fries. Not in that order. Her work has been featured in several outdoor, wellness, and digital platforms.

Let’s hear from Liz:

How could you describe yourself in 5 words? “A lover of life.” I’m a communicator and a seeker of answers. If I don’t have the answer to something, I dig in. I want to pursue everything, and explore everything.


What do you love to do? Find new ways to do things, being creative and learning. I try to do something to push my learning and creativity daily. By this I mean honing a new skill, finding new outlets to get my voice out there, and I love yoga sculpt. I’m obsessed at 4 times a week.


What can you do today that you could not do a year ago? I can hike peaks faster, and fly a helicopter. I’ve always wanted to fly, but a career, travel, raising a family and the occasional distraction postponed that. I took a leap, and I don’t ever want to look back. I also wasn’t a great hiker, so I pushed my cardio, and enjoyment of outdoors by increasing my peak hikes, and looking for more places to explore.


Do you like your job? It’s a love/hate relationship. I love working for myself and the freedom and growth, but all the work, time, and decisions fall on me. It takes positive self talk, hard work and hustle.


What would you regret not doing? Not traveling every chance I get. I fell in love with travel on a foreign exchange in my teens, and have been working to hit every country since.


When was the last time you traveled somewhere new? I took off on a solo adventure last year to Vietnam with a back pack, and an open itinerary. I explored everything I could, hiked the highest peak in Indochina, soaked in the sea, basked in solitude, writing, and the sense of newness and anonymity. It was an adventure to push new boundaries. I have a tradition to seek a new place each birthday, and this was one of my favorites.


Have you done anything lately worth remembering? I don’t think there is anything out of this world lately, but I feel that we all create things worth remembering every day we live connected, with a conscious effort to make a change, or a difference. I plan to hike Kilmanjaro on a next adventure and explore South Africa.


What does success mean to you? It means having freedom at a mental, and financial level, which allows you to pass it on and help create success with others.


What are you doing to pursue your dreams right now? I launched two new ventures, and I seek new contacts, partnerships, and ways to increase the brand and sales a little each day, so as not to get overwhelmed. Deep breaths always.


What are you most scared of? Not trying everything I can, as many times as I can both in my personal and professional life. Not taking actions that would leave me with regret and just accepting everything thrown my way.


What are you most proud of? Being an entrepreneur, and striving to make a balanced family and a balanced and exciting future.


Where would you like to live? I have traveled and lived in many places, and I think Southern California or Hawaii is a next stop for me, with so many things I love. (Oceans, outdoors, business opp’s etc.) I’m taking steps to make it viable to move, and always making a plan.


If you left your current life in order to pursue your dreams, what would you lose? I may lose out on job opportunities or more stability, like taking on a 9 to 5. But living on intuition and grit makes it more exciting and I look forward to having people by my side that feel that same.


What bad habits do you want to break? Saying yes to things that don’t make sense for growth, personally and professionally. I believe in saying yes to as many new things, new views and new challenges as much as possible, but if you are only doing it to make someone else happy, benefit someone else (with no return spiritually, mentally, professionally, or physically) it takes away from your own growth. Follow your intuition.


If you were someone’s life coach, what would you tell them? Say yes to as much as you can that makes sense for you, and that moves the needle forward.


Fun and furious questions:

  1. If you could do it all over again, would you change anything? Yes some.
  2. How old would you be, if you didn’t know how old you are? 34
  3. What activity makes you lose track of time? Writing
  4. Best cheat indulgence? Pizza and wine
  5. If you could only speak one word today, what would it be? Strength


Make sure to check out Liz’s brand sites as they’re filled with beautiful pictures and some great deals!


Much love and Aloha,

your just-a-peasant the clueless wanderer

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