Everyday warrior, I mean MOM. Meet Natalie Grim Williams.

Natalie Grim Williams is like most working moms these days, living in York County, PA.  She balances a full time job with another full time job.  One full time job has a set number of hours, while the other is never ending.  So, how does a busy mom make time for herself, quality time with her husband and her kids, plus still make the public and private sector worlds go round while also volunteering for The Junior League of York?  Modestly put, with grace and a smile.


Natalie loves her job as a small business development liason at Downtown Inc.   She describes it as challenging, rewarding and impactful. Downtown Inc is THE organization working to enhance and encourage investment in York, PA’s central business district.  This is tirelessly done through:

  • Economic Development – business recruitment and retention
  • Promotions – advertising, marketing and special events
  • Placemaking – beautifying the landscape, improving physical elements such as traffic patterns, public spaces, cleanliness, walkability
  • Public Safety – working with police and sheriffs to mitigate criminal and vagrant activity

From a business perspective, a clean, well-maintained environment speaks of community activity and stability.  Economic development is about attracting investment to local ventures, right?  Of course, this momma straight hustles for the city she lives in!  What are some of the traits you need to work in an environment like this?  How about:  Gregarious, fun, intelligent, adventurous, and kind.  Natalie also carries these traits straight to the outdoors and beyond.  Whether its mountain biking, skiing, camping, kayaking, going to the pool, sitting by a fire, playing games, watching a movie or just being present.

These qualities are also something she wants to instill in her offspring.  Perfect example, her five year old son Cliff, is starting to take a very serious interest in mountain biking.  He rode at Raystown Lake with the family and was just so proud of himself, he caught the fever for the flavor called mountain biking.  While she was following him, she reflected on how proud she felt and hopeful that one day he will remember how cool his mom truly was and how she supported him in whatever he wanted to do.  The love of the outdoors is shared by the family and Natalie always makes sure her kids are involved in the escapades.  So much so, that her daughter even once stated that Natalie’s friends were her friends, too!

In fact, this is what success means to Natalie. It doesn’t mean money or things. It means everyone is happy and healthy.  Being a decent human being and having the basic necessities, such as food and shelter.  It’s all about simplicity and choosing what’s important in life.  The relationship she has with her husband is moreover considerable for her.  According to Natalie:  He’s the most important person in my life and I could not imagine a world where he does not exist.  Being by each other’s side through the trials and tribulations of life has made me a better person. This is success in its truest form.  To be happy emotionally is something we sometimes forget we need.

Rockstar that she is, Natalie is still human.  (GASP!!! I know, right?!  She’s just like the rest of us.  Trying to break that bad habit of staying up too late and having too much sugar.)  In fact, just a year ago, she had difficulty being able to stand up for herself and do it without regret.  “Nobody ever got what they wanted by keeping quiet”, Natalie finally decided for herself.

There was also a time when Natalie didn’t value the outdoors as much as she does today.  When she was younger, she didn’t have the zest for life that she has now.  As an adult, she was outside, but there was something amiss.  Enter a group of women that she started to MTB with!  It’s so different to ride with a group of ladies that respect, dole out some friendly competition, and just support each other.  Due to the female energy that surrounded her, there was more motivation to get out and get dirty.  She became the catalyst for her tribe when it came to adventures like signing up for triathlons and taking winter Vermont trips.  Natalie is grateful for the life she has and the people she surrounds herself with. Living life to the fullest, without regret and fear period.  

While being a full time working mom of two awesome kids, she tries to expose herself to new things as often as she can.  She wants to travel, to be with the people she loves, and just be fulfilled in life.  When asked, “If you left your current life in order to pursue your dreams, what would you lose?”  Natalie’s response:  That’s relative.   You lose something that you value, if you don’t value what you have, then there’s nothing to lose.  I value the life I have created here, the relationships I have made and the community.  So, I would lose a great deal.    


Oh, hey!  Just running a triathalon because I felt like it!

Natalie possesses a wanderer’s sentimental soul.  Continually going back to places that hold special memories, like a daydreamer closing their eyes to reality.   Revisiting places makes those memories come alive again and that old love is rekindled within that very special place in her heart.  Places like Raystown Lake, Hilton Head Island, and Vermont.  Now, I absolutely adore Vermont and that would be someplace where relocation is a major possibility for Natalie. Adapting to this environment would be a no-brainer for this active family of four.  However, with her husband in a family business and being in a very close relationship with her immediate family, it would be a hard move for Natalie and company.

After running this gamut of a busy lifestyle, Natalie must have some nuggets of enlightenment that she could share with us?  And she does:  Be the light in this world.  Be authentic.  Don’t apologize for being you.  You are never going to have everything figured out, you may think you do, but life is a series of challenges.  Face them head on, move on and do the best you can.  

Such wise, wise words from this rad mama!!!



To see how she does it, real time, check out her IG:  



Fun and furious questions:

  1. If you could do it all over again, would you change anything? Nope, can’t name just one.
  2. How old would you be, if you didn’t know how old you are? 30, although my body tells me otherwise.
  3. What activity makes you lose track of time?  Netflix.
  4. Best cheat indulgence? Have someone who cleans my house.
  5. If you could only speak one word today, what would it be?   Love.


Much love and Aloha,

your thoroughly-in-awe-of-this-woman clueless wanderer

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