What’s your biggest adventure? LIFE!!!

Just recently I was graced with Rebecca Walsh’s time to participate in her “Women Who Inspire” project.  Rebecca Walsh is the founder of Hike Like A Woman. The website address is: http://hikelikeawoman.net/

She started her conglomeration in 2015 and in just over a year her FB group has over 19,000 likes!  This is big time here, people.  This isn’t a “bring your knife to the gunfight” outfit, Walsh and HLAW is legit!  So, when I saw that she was seeking volunteers to participate in her newest project I signed up.  I believe I was the first to even reply to her FB post.  Cool, right?  We could talk about dogs, hiking, backpacking; just shoot the breeze, no worries.  Then the other women started to respond.

Oh, woman #1 started her own outdoors line.  Ha, woman #2 wrote a book about her winter adventures.  Um, woman #3 has her own touring outfit in Nepal.  Shit, woman #4 is a regular 14K bagger.  What the fuck am I going to say?!?!?!  I am not going to have anything interesting to add.  Sure, I’ve traveled extensively, seen a lot of things, had a lot of adventures, but I was floored at how much more accomplished the others were.  Why would Rebecca want to interview a 40 something, not a momma (at least not to two-legged creatures), weekend warrior, budget gear owning, average looking, no website, outdoors noob?  Oh yeah, this interview was going to last about 10 minutes.  :/




The night of the soon to be lame interview has arrived!  I’m sitting there on my second glass of red looking at the time.  I post to FB that in 10 minutes, I’ll be interviewed by the awe-inspiring Rebecca of HLAW.  I get comments from dear friends expressing their support.

Ok, here it is: 8pm!  (crickets)  It is now: 815pm.  (more crickets)  Holy shit, she changed her mind and decided she doesn’t want to talk to me after seeing the others’ responses!  Um, okay, that’s fine…I understand…I guess.  At 830pm, I ready myself for bed, deciding it wasn’t meant to be.  I need to face it, even though I was intimidated by the radness of the other women, I felt like I could still add a noobie’s perspective.  Right?

So, yes, even though I had been downing myself as to my value in the project, I was feeling dispirited.  Then, my phone makes a sound.  It’s Rebecca asking me to connect with her on Skype?  Huh?  What happened to 8pm?  I accept the invitation and promptly check a previous email with the time confirmation slot for the interview.  Holy thin mints!  The time was slated for 8pm MDT and I was in the Eastern time zone.  Side note: thin mints would be so much more excellent as sacramental bread, just saying.

Woot woot!  This is happening!  I gotta pee!!!

Group of Hands Holding Interview Word Concept


The interview lasted just over 36 minutes.  That 36 minutes taught me that whether or not I’m an accomplished outdoors woman or a bae in the woods, I do have things to say.  For all of Rebecca’s experience and skill, she could still identify with me and did not make me feel less valuable.

My greatest adventure has been my life.  Through my journey of overcoming my self-loathing, losing 100lbs, and learning to love myself, I realized that’s just as accomplished as having Melissa McCarthy play you in your own Lifetime movie.

I know it’s cliched and I’m sure you’ve heard it thousands of times, but make your own journey and share it with others.  You may never know whom you inspire.


Much Love and a shitload of happiness always…  (I am very explicit when excited.  Sorry!)




13 thoughts on “What’s your biggest adventure? LIFE!!!

  1. I love your personality in your blog! I think people will be hooked on your writing because of that. And yes, there is always something to say… life is the big adventure. Hope to collaborate more with you in the future. Cheers!

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    • Hi, Florrie!

      I would be honored if you would share my blog with your FB group. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Also, keep in mind that I’m always looking for Inspirational Womens’ stories and if you would like to participate or know someone that would like to participate, please let me know.



  3. Was trying to look for an About page but couldn’t and went to another post. I had a feeling…you’re a Filipina (or at least that’s why you have kumusta in your sidebar)! Haha! Congrats and sending love from the Philippines! 😀

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