FEAR THIS, or NOT!!! You have a choice.

I’m not sure how to start this tactfully.  I tried a few times and ultimately did the “highlight and delete” dance with flair.  I even added my own soundtrack when hitting the delete button.  Finally, I said “Fuck it”.  I’m done being tactful because I don’t feel like I’m getting my message across.  So, take heed:  This is your life and it’s an open road.  Grab the wheel with both hands and keep steering yourself around all the unnecessary fears and uncertainties as they arise!

I know someone who’s infamous for setting up dates and then cancelling due to some reason or another.  The invites are born from friendly discussions of what’s been happening in our lives and what the latest excursions have been.  It’s a one sided conversation, admittedly, as I fill her ears with things I’ve been interested in and some things I have finally fulfilled first hand.  I offer an invite, though I know how the story will end, with great gusto and meaningful hope that this time will be different.  Do I understand life gets in the way and plans can get pulverized like kidney stones being treated with shock wave therapy?  Of course I do! Do I sound angry?  I hope I do!!!

My apathy for her excuses lies in the fact that the only reason she cancels is because she’s scared.  I see it frequently with her.  My vim and vigor is exhilarating, scintillating, attractive, and intimidating.  We finally had a heart to heart and she admitted to me that the reason she reneges is because she’s afraid for these following reasons:  she’ll slow others down, frustration will abound, my opinion of her will lessen greatly, etc. etc.  This is what I told her:  Fear is a cloaked enemy that whispers negative thoughts into your mind, body and soul.  Stop listening to the lies you feed yourself and embrace the courage I know is there.

She belongs to all these FB groups about adventure, travel, backpacking, and rockclimbing.  She follows all these IG posts like Women Outdoors, Camping with Dogs, WomenMTB, and Wilderness Babes.  She’s constantly talking about what gear to buy, the latest tech weather jacket, and how she should take more REI outdoor classes.

She renders me bewildered, yet I love her.  Our friendship has improved over the years.  Of course it has, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this as I would have given up on her.  I look at her everyday in the mirror when I wake up.  Yes, “she” is me.

I still struggle everyday to be the best I can be.  Thankfully, choices have become easier as I surround myself with like-minded individuals that tell me what I believe either weakens me or makes me stronger.  If I want to give myself the best gift I could ever receive, believe in myself.  No matter what!

So, I now show up to MTB meets where I know no one.  I accept, and keep, the invitations with people that I know are going to kick my ass.  I started a FB group called Adventure Some Women to connect with others.

Simply put, I PARTICIPATE.  Just doing that, whether the outcome is good or bad, I participate.

If this is you, stop it.  Stop the negativity and DO THINGS!  Don’t just be erudite because of things you read, be erudite because of things you experience.  Have courage and believe in yourself.  Trust me, you’re worth it.

17 thoughts on “FEAR THIS, or NOT!!! You have a choice.

    • You are definitely one of the people that I would have missed out on so much had I not met you! Your heart and attitude makes me the lucky one. ❤️
      Now, where the hell is the first blog for the Pipsqueak Chronicles?!?! 😤


  1. Your post reminds me of that quote, “the world is run by people who show up.” So true. I totally can relate to her fears as it is hard sometimes (especially on the Internet) to put yourself out there all the time. But I’m sure your fearlessness is good inspiration for her and your help builds her own confidence. Way to set the trend!


  2. Mo, you’re awesome. You have inspired me to get my ass back on my bike and find some single track. She’s in the shop getting a tune right now. I hope to be muddy as hell real soon. I’ll keep you posted.

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  3. Good for you! It’s seriously tough to a) admit that and b) change it. Putting yourself out there is hard – I have personally found it tough to find women that enjoy doing tough outdoor activities. Most of my friends who are out with me are guys and I’m on a mission to change that. It’s great to find a tribe and a little scary to put yourself out there.

    I love this post because it’s honest. Life isn’t easy and pleasant all the time. There’s risk in reward and happiness is hard work but always worth it in the end. I say go forth and do you!

    Thanks for being awesome!!!

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  4. I think a lot more people are going to relate to this than you realize. The social media world is full of people that want to, hope to, and pretend to. I’ve come to realize that very few people actually do…unless you enter the world of travel bloggers. Let them inspire you, welcome you, encourage you…push you. They will do all of these and you will not regret your decision. This community is an infinitely warm one and your life will only improve exponentially when you embrace it. Most of us were afraid when we started, but you know how it goes…that the journey of thousand miles begins with the first step. Sometimes fear is the first step in making your dreams become realities.

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