The Clueless Wanderer. It’s nice to meet you…

Hi!  My name is Magretha Palepale. Friends and strangers know me simply as Mo.  I feel that it lessens the pain of some people attempting the corrrect pronounciation of my name and the awkward movements my mouth needs to make to have them enunciate it correctly (thanks, Mom & Dad!).

I’m a happily married 40 something with two dogs residing in York County, PA.  My family and I moved from the Philippines in 1975, relocating to Kodiak Island, Alaska.  I ultimately ended up on the East Coast in 2000 with my  husband.  I have to say I was quite depressed when we moved to Harford County, MD.  The lifestyle and culture was extremely different from my wide open, uber friendly Alaska!  However, I adapted, and about 4 years later we purchased an old schoolhouse built in 1890 in PA.  Boy, we had plans to fix this puppy up! Yes, 12 years later…boy, we HAVE plans to fix this puppy up!!!

All my life I was overweight, weighing at my heaviest at 250lbs!  That’s quite a bit for a (almost) 5’2″ frame.  Around the early 2000’s, I decided I was tired of being fat and committed a year to losing 100lbs.  I’ve successfully kept it off since then, sans a stint where I gained about 30lbs back, but that’s neither here nor there (damn you, DS Oreos!!!). Since losing my 100lbs, I have gotten more involved with outdoor recreation.  Including, but not limited to:  snowboarding, mountain biking, kayaking, yoga, rock climbing, hiking, camping, backpacking, etc.  Any guesses on which two activities prompted me to shout, “HOW IS THIS CRAP FUN?  WHO THINKS ALMOST KILLING YOURSELF IS A GOOD TIME?!?!”

Anyhow, considering I’m a Jill of all trades, but master of none, I thought it may be fun to share my adventures with you.  The learning processes, the discoveries, and the “light bulb” moments.  (I recently discovered I’m a terrible fire starter, even with a blow torch, I wasn’t able to get a fire started!  Thank you for the assistance, Darla!  And then there was the time I hiked 6 miles starting at the wrong TH, with friends.  Thank awesome kitty litter they were great sports, but that’s another story..)  I hope some of you find inspiration from this and start adventures of your own. Welcome, one and all!

Much Love and Aloha,

The Clueless Wanderer

6 thoughts on “The Clueless Wanderer. It’s nice to meet you…

    • Thank you, Teara! Travel in the past year has really inspired me to do this. Between meeting you, making new friends, and regularly reconnecting with forever friends, it would be a shame not to share our adventures!

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  1. Haha. Where are you from the Philippines, btw?

    I’ve also sadly gained a lot of weight after a year of working from home. I’d like to lose maybe 10kg and maintain a 50-55kg weight. Ugh. Okay maybe I should have concrete plans for that already.

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